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About Me

I am an artist based in Buffalo-Niagara Falls, NY. I had always wanted to paint since childhood, but started painting much later in life. I paint mostly with acrylics and oils. I use acrylics like both watercolors and oils. Given my frequent travels, I also "paint" on an iPad during plane rides, scrubbing my finger using iPad painting apps. 

I have other eclectic interests as well. I have been a serious amateur astronomer since childhood. I also indulge in drone videography, volcano climbing, etc. Click here to view a drone video I shot over the Caloosahatchee River in S W Florida. And a link to one of my volcano climbs in Indonesia: Gunung Salak volcano, Java. A drone video I took over this volcano can be seen here: Drone Video of Salak Volcano.

I strive for Realism in all my paintings, even in the space-scapes. I started off this way in order to perfect the techniques, and now it has become my regular pattern!

And so, this humble quest for undistorted Realism continues.... Thanks for visiting this website!  ♥